The eRAILS system was developed within the framework of the Promotion of Science and Technology for Agricultural Development in Africa (PSTAD) project. PSTAD is a project initiated and coordinated by FARA, managed by the Sub-regional Organizations (SROs) and implemented by the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) in 34 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It is a continental African online platform for agricultural knowledge, information and learning system with the purpose of improving the access, sharing of research results on technologies and good agricultural practices, avoiding duplication. The aim is to ensure that lessons learnt and best farming practices in one sub-region can be easily transferred to researchers and extension staff and thereafter disseminated and adopted by farmers in another sub-region. eRAILS is a decentralized and open online agricultural information and knowledge platform for and by Africans.

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Les systèmes d’innovation agricole sont le fondement sur lequel reposera la mise en œuvre de l’Agenda scientifique pour l’agriculture en Afrique

29th Apr, 2017
L’atelier consultatif régional pour la mise en œuvre  de l’Agenda scientifique pour l’agriculture en Afrique (S3A) dans les pays d’Afrique australe s’est tenu du 10 au 12 avril 2017 à l’hôtel Crossroads à Lilongwe au Malawi.
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Augmenter la productivite agricole a travers l'agriculture systemique
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